How Many Men Is Too Many Men?

December 05, 2013 Fajar 0 Comments

In a world where dating and relationships take up most of our time, it is inevitable that sex will, too.
Just like we move on from another heartbreak to a new relationship, and maybe to yet another failure, it is inevitable that we share our bed with more than a couple of guys.
But right after yet another lover leaves our bed, and the scent of his body is still on our bed sheets, we can’t help but wonder, “Have I gone too far?”

How many men is too many men?

After a certain age, sex becomes an important, if not vital, element of dating. First date, second date, third date…there comes a time when you have to test each other out in bed as well.
But what happens when your fling didn’t work out and yet another lover has left your life? You only come to realize you’re left with another disappointment and another man to add to your bedroom list.
Does that number ever get too high? Are we emotionally challenged, or are we sluts?

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