What Guys Are Really Looking For

November 07, 2013 Fajar 0 Comments

As Girls we probably know what we are looking for in a guy (well, most of the time), but we often find ourselves wondering: What are guys looking for? This can be a tricky question. I am planning on writing a post about what women are looking for a in a guy, but when it comes to a guy's point of view who can say it better than them? Today while doing some research I bumped into this post of "What guys are really looking for" and I absolutely loved it! I think it's quite short, precise, straight to the point and 100% true! Have a look and tell me what you think! Do you agree or not? Maybe there's something you want to add as well! Feel free and tell me what you feel a guy is looking for and if think there's more to it that this post:
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>What Guys Are Really Looking For 

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